Your fresh take on healthcare starts with Zest.

We know healthcare is expensive and confusing. That's why we took the burden out of your benefits. Through our Smart Concierge service and app, Zest Health gives you a new way to save money, develop meaningful engagement, and enhance happiness.

How Zest Helps You

Your Solution Is Zest

Tell Us What You Need

Use our recommendations from the 24/7 Smart Concierge support team, personalized for your health and benefits.

Or, with the tap of a button, tell us what you need and how we can help, from anywhere at any time.

A Phone Call Away

Confusion and complexity end here. Integrated vendors, workflows, and handoffs are just a phone call away and within a few taps in our app.

Get in touch with the medical or benefits professional you need to get the answers to your questions quickly and easily.

Find The Right Care

Access to plan-specific provider networks, incorporating multi-tier network designs like on-site clinics and narrow networks.

Zest directs you to the appropriate level of care within your network to avoid unnecessary medical costs.

Know What You’re Paying

Integrated price transparency in our 24/7 Smart Concierge scheduling process.

Avoid the shock of high medical bills by knowing how much an appointment or procedure costs before you schedule.

Let's Break It Down

Easy to understand explanation of your health plan, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

Know exactly how much you have spent on your deductible and track your healthcare expenses in real time. Zest also allows you to access your electronic benefits card without leaving the app.


While at the office, my doctor ordered an MRI of my knee. The doctor offered to immediately perform the MRI in-office for $1,000. I stepped away and called Zest to verify that the MRI would be covered by my network. I learned that by scheduling the MRI at a diagnostic center down the street it would be covered at 100%, with no cost to me—not even a co-pay or diagnostic imaging test charge. I set up an MRI for the same day. Zest, you rock!

I needed a speech pathologist close to home. Zest’s Smart Concierge texted me appointment times with in-network providers, vetted for quality. All of this went on behind the scenes while I was at work. I scheduled an appointment for a few days later.

I called Zest’s Smart Concierge to make an unrelated appointment, but the nurse I spoke with noticed I sounded sick. She triaged me and connected me to a telephysician, who prescribed antibiotics. I have a high deductible plan, so Zest sent me a coupon for my antibiotics. Because of this experience, I’ve already recommended Zest to a friend and colleague.